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April 2007

Stop Signs. Drug Companies. Suckers?


Have you painted any STOP signs lately??

Adhesion sufferers are all too familiar with the exhausting trips in and out of doctors' offices in hope of finding a doctor who will help them. This posting in not meant as an advertisment for Mercola: I can relate to this! but rather as food for thought for those who feel hopeless when it comes to pain, medicine, and health related issues. The Teflon application in this story reminds me of the touted "injection" that was pushed at Melissa at her follow-up visit after her first surgery in which adhesions were revealed. The surgeon who uncovered the true cause of illness--adhesions--later insisted that she be 'treated' for the pain of endometriosis. (Confusing enough, huh?).......So, here's the question: did the doctor have Melissa's pain and suffering, her best interest, at heart? Or was there an ulterior motive behind the suggested 'treatment'? You'll find the answer in:

Adhesions! You Should've ASKED!

Th_quest_3 Sick women turn themselves inside out when searching for an answer to disabling pelvic and abdominal pain, yet countless women will encounter doctor after doctor, but will never hear the word ADHESIONS!

Why then, does the Johnson and Johnson company make this statement: "many women don't know about adhesions," and then complete that statement in this manner: "and don't discuss the subject with their doctors before having gynecologic surgery-or afterwards when these problems develop. But you should."

Say What???

Yep, that's what they said: The adhesion question!

They begin with a truth that women need to know:

"Adhesions occur in the majority of women who have pelvic surgery."

But then it seems as if the patient is blamed for not asking about adhesions prior to surgery. (Yet, the statement also says that many, (repeat: MANY) women don't know about adhesions!)

Once again, the doctor is not pinned to the wall of accountability, but rather the patient is held accountable to KNOW something to which she has no knowledge!!

The statement seems to slap the patient again when it says that the 'women' don't discuss with their doctor "afterwards when these problems develop." (And just why do these 'women' not discuss with their doctor afterwards? Could it possibly be because they still don't KNOW about adhesions??)

The patient is the responsible party all the way to the last statement: "But you should."


Though I understand the Johnson and Johnson website is acknowledging and attempting to educate in regard to adhesions, it would be nice to read: "Your doctor (surgeon) should discuss with you the risk of adhesion formation prior to surgery. Your doctor (surgeon) should explain to you the symptoms of adhesions should you develop problems after surgery. If your doctor (surgeon) does NOT disclose to you the risk of adhesions, you should ASK your doctor (surgeon) about those risks."

Given the many, many, many who have suffered and continue to suffer from adhesions and adhesion related disorder, and the countless women who were uninformed of the risk prior to surgery, it seems rather insulting to those who already suffer to feel:


Operative Reports. Read 'Em!

Th_sad1_4 Have you had surgery, yet continue in pain? Have you had repeated surgeries, yet continue in pain? Have you read your operative reports? If not, dig them out of that bottom drawer (iron them out) and read carefully. Do you see the word adhesions? If so, it's time to talk to your doctor, or better yet, do your own research!

Many women have never heard the word 'adhesions,' from their doctor (surgeon), yet, upon closer inspection of their operative reports, many have learned that they have adhesions!

Unfortunately, some surgeons can't seem to get the dreaded 'adhesions' word to leave their mouth, thus the patient is not informed and none the wiser. Other surgeons continue to believe that adhesions don't cause pain...(OUCH!)

It's true--some people have adhesions and never even know they have them (and have no related symptoms from the adhesions), however, many others have a crippling and disabling condition: Adhesion Related Disorder.

Adhesion Sufferers sometimes describe their pain as: pulling, tearing, dull ache...and just plain old 'pain'! Symptoms may include, nausea, vomiting, headaches, back pain, stomach pain and pelvic pain. Some sufferers complain of breathing difficulties--the diaphragm is involved. These are just some of the symptoms of adhesion related disorder.

Okay, off the bed and on your feet...

Now, where are those operatives?????

Guard Your Soul.

Guard Your Soul

Can you find hope in the heavens above?
Do you touch another with an extension of love?
Or are you filled with anger and hate,
Judgment and careless with another man's fate?
Do you ever consider the path that you make?
And what will follow as you enter God's gate?
Have you stored up riches on the earth's hopeless floor?
Have you violated your soul in hopes you'll get more?
Or have you listened to your heart when it cries?
And guarded your soul from deceit and lies.
What is behind me when I walk through this life?
My footprints are impressions, as sharp as a knife.
My tongue though it speaks, what does it say?
Did I speaks words of love, or was it decay?
My ears though they hear, do I listen at all?
When my heart carefully whispers and warns, lest I fall.
My hands though flesh, can they feel another's pain?
Or am I calloused and as cold as the rain?
May my soul not be hardened by the weariness of life.
May my soul see beauty in ever sunrise.
May I look at the heavens and not be mundane.
May I never forget that to give is to gain.
© Karen Steward July 2006


How Do I Live? How Will I Die?

When goodness abounds, evil will arise, for evil despises good. May this poem inspire those who do good to persist in their endeavor and may those who do evil ponder the ultimate consequences of "sowing and reaping".

How Do I Live? How Will I Die?

I rise in the morning and make my bed.
My mind is alive with wonder or dread.
What will I plant as I go through the day?
Will it be a flower or a garden of decay?
When I look at you will I see God's creation?
Or will I curse you because of my own desperation?
From the depth of my heart what do I share?
Is it kindness and love or hate and despair?
When your face is radiant do I compliment you?
Or does your joy only cause my hatred to brew?

Do I ever stop to think about the seeds that I sow?
Do I ever consider that what I’ve planted will grow?
Am I such a fool to think I’ll not die?
When I curse you and spread vicious hate and lies?
For only a fool would think nothing is lost
When he harms and maims, but counts not the cost.
O man, what a fool, to think he’ll not answer
For the evil that arises from a soul filled with cancer.
For the day will come for each on this earth.
The moment of death that finalizes your birth.
And what will the years in between have to tell?
A story of love or a story of hell?
For what I have lived will open my grave,
And what I receive will be just what I gave.

Karen Steward, August 5, 2006©

Adhesions. Endometriosis. Crohn's. IBS. Lupus. Depression.

Th_frustated_2Is it any wonder that ill women are confused? Thinking Melissa had been misdiagnosed, we began going to other doctors in hope of finding one who knew the correct answer to the pain in her body. We found that for every ten doctors, we got ten different answers...and these answers came after repeating the same countless blood tests, along with scans, upper gi's, etc. For years on end, we circled the same mountain, and always ended up right back where we started! Looking back we now realize that we gained as much knowledge (and help) about her illness as if we had stayed home playing spin the bottle, and just pulled out our own diagnosis! One doctor said one thing, another doctor disagreed with the previous doctor and the next doctor said that the first two were both morons and that we should've come to him in the first place (!!), as he could see that Melissa was simply...(close your eyes cause you WON'T want to read it): "DEPRESSED!"

(And, amazingly, these men get paid for insulting you.)

But, determined to get help (or perhaps too dense to quit?), we never gave up. Hallelujah!

When my daughter was suffering, I could see nothing but darkness. Doctors failed her, and failed her miserably. I made a vow to God that I would be a voice for others who suffer if He would just show me what was wrong with my child and help me to find an answer to her life of pain.

God came through.

Doctors: Bound By Secrecy? Victims: Bound By Pain! 0978698207xjpg_3is the fulfillment of the promise that I made. May Melissa's long journey of pain and hoplessness be an inspiration to others who feel they have lost all hope.

Introducing Otis! The ARD Awareness Mascot!

Otis_4 Melissa, Wes, & Thomas's newest family member, Otis! He is a mini schnauzer and already house trained (what a great guy!). A while back, I recall Melissa saying, "My dog buying days are over!" However, her beloved schnauzer, Odie, passed away a few weeks ago. Melissa is still grieving and wasn't ready for a new dog, but poor little Thomas was wondering where Odie went! She  decided they had to find the "perfect dog." And, Otis is turning out to be that perfect dog! (He and Thomas rip it through the house!) Otis is supposed to stay tiny (only about 8 pounds). Otis_3_6

I had to laugh when I saw the puppy she chose, as he looks like the ARD pin!!Oie_twinkles_2  

So, I am making Otis the official ARD Awareness Mascot! (At least for our family! I think a dog this cute could easily promote ARD awareness!)


Adhesions! Who Let The Cat Out Of The Medical Bag???

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket When it comes to adhesions, or adhesion related disorder, it seems some doctors would prefer to keep the cat IN the bag!

Fourteen years is a LONG time to suffer from an illness! Fourteen years is a LONG time to look for an answer! Fourteen years is a LONG time to pay numerous medical bills, especially when you receive NO, (read: zero, zilch, nada) help from those doctors. Yet, you are $$REQUIRED$$ to pay, regardless of the fact that they chalked you up as another "hopeless" (or neurotic) woman, and merrily sent you on your way. (And it mattered not that you were doubled over in pain; could barely walk into or out of their offices!)

When you have devoted 14 years of your precious life to the American medical system and COUNTLESS physicans not only fail you, but refuse to even acknowledge your pain, you PRAY for God to open a NEW door,as you soon realize, GOD indeed is your only hope out of the nightmare you are living!

Doctors: Bound by Secrecy? Victims: Bound by Pain! 0978698207xjpg opens the door into the world of an American adhesion sufferer! The book aims to reveal the hopelessness that this illness presents, along with the lame attitudes of an American medical system when faced with patients who are suffering from adhesion related disorder! Finally, the book reveals that there is hope!

TypePad Phobia

Is it just me or am I the only woman in the world who isn't sewing, baking or gardening? (or all three--at once.) And, capturing it all on camera, too. Well....CRAPOLA! (as my kids say).

I blame Typepad for this....(what's her name??).....oh yes...Betty Crocker funk that I'm in. Each time I log in to my typepad account, I am confronted with a featured blog. Right now it's a bathtub blog...and, I have to say: it's about time! Yea For Bathtubs! Cause I've about had my gut full of perfect homes, perfect yards, perfect kids, real meals, and freakin clean dogs!

See, TypePad knew it. They post a little snippet of a home, flowers, food, etc., which entices you to move to the next level. First thing you know you are lost in someone's home, wandering through the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, is all PERFECT! These blogs cause me to feel as though I need to run grab my camera and photograph all the beauty that surrounds my space. But, then, I'd have to clean it up first......."ah, shoot," as Thomas says. I DO have a beautiful home with beautiful surroundings, BUT, not sure it is as photogenic as the blogs I tour online, simply because we LIVE here and it shows.

Anyway, I can't resist taking a peek at the newest featured blog. I have come to the conclusion that the assigned "blog pickers" for TypePad features are Betty Crocker wannabe's. I am constantly bombarded by pages and pages of glorious falling from gorgeous planters, photos of pies, (homemade, of course) cakes, (perfect icing), and always displayed on antique china, and a table that is dressed for the pages of Southern Living. And, these featured blogs lead to other blogs which are similar in nature. A woman can end up spending HOURS drooling over the photos, all which depict a huge fairy tale world that SOMEONE (and plenty of someone's) are living! More

About an hour ago, I was walking through the garden of a woman who is complaining because her sewing machine (sewing machine?!?) is broken. She has posted a picture of her beautiful garden as she laments below it, "today all I have are some garden photos." Well, waaaaaa! Just some old garden photos (Just kidding, I loved her blog, but....really!)

Yesterday I was lost at the daisy cottage site Daisy Delight. After touring the home, the cute dog, (and son) I came across a photo of a PERFECT banana pudding, complete with golden meringue. My thoughts went back to the days......yes, I did it too. When? I can't recall. But, several times in my life, I made banana pudding. Just not anymore. Now, I don't even grocery shop. My husband reminds me. Frequently. Then, he gives up and goes to the store. He buys bananas and vanilla wafers too, just like the lady at the daisy cottage. But, no one "does" anything with them. Long ago (after all the kids flew the coop), I decided that bananas are a food source all of their on. Peel. Eat. Done. Same with vanilla wafers. Open box. Eat. Done. But, yesterday......well, let's just say that by the time I clicked off the daisy site, I was in a terrible, rancid mood. Rancid because I realized that I have become old and stale. The daisy cottage blog reminded me. I clicked off the site and headed out the door. But the charming rooms, beautiful dog (Maggie), banana pudding, etc. etc. etc. followed me to the office.

"What the heck's the matter with you?" my daughter, Miranda, asked. "Nothing. Why?" I answered.
"You're in a bad mood, that's why." "No, I'm not," I lied. "Mom, I just tore into *Ray Simon...I can't STAND him!" she gritted her teeth, "He's such a jerk! Dad said he was NEVER using him in this business again and then here he goes, using him again!! It makes me FURIOUS!" she fumed. "What'd he do this time?" I asked. "He came in here thinking he was going to tell ME what to do! He's such an idiot! Every time he comes in, he suddenly thinks I'm his personal secretary...he doesn't write my paycheck! He comes in and starts thinking he's going to boss me around--telling me to do this and do that--wanting me to do his paperwork for him. Today, I told him, "Ray! Do I work for you??!! H-E- double hockey sticks NO...NO, I DON'T WORK FOR YOU!!" And then he is SO ignorant, he goes, 'Well, I still need you to fill out this paperwork for me'......and I said, "Ray! I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU NEED! THAT IS NOT MY JOB! I'M NOT DOING YOUR #$%@& PAPERWORK FOR YOU!"

I smile. Yes, Daisy cottage is slowly fading away, but I desperately want to hang on to the serene fairy tale.

"Mom, there's ENOUGH crap to put up with around here without dad hiring these IDIOTS who think I am some 2-bit blonde, sitting behind a desk, ready to cater to their every little problem!"

The whole time she is ranting, I notice that both of my palm tree plants look as if they are almost dead. The thin leaves are curling up on the ends, begging for water, and perhaps it is already too late. Ginger, Miranda's yorkie, is on the floor on her back and she's making an annoying sound while she rubs herself all over the carpet. "What's wrong with Ginger?" I ask, as my mind sees visions of Maggie, perfect-o, in all her blog photos. "I don't know....she's driving me NUTS! I think she has dry skin or something," she answers. "Not fleas, I hope?" "No, it's not fleas. She just started it yesterday and that whining is running me nutty. I'm going to take her to the vet. What do you want for lunch? I'll go get it.......let's make it a drive thru though, cause it's raining."

"You know, I think you should take up cooking/ know, like I used to do. Remember when you kids were all home and I made beans, cornbread, roast and potatoes with carrots and onions....eggrolls, enchiladas, banana pudding, special birthday cakes..........I think you'd really's just nothing quite like......"

"A drive thru," she quips. "Now, what do you want?"

*Ray Simon..(name changed to protect the innocent)

Just so I can say, "na-na-na-na-na" I ran outside and took some photos of our plants and I am posting one here!! .......But I am going to have to think long and hard before I get out any pots and pans. Hostas_etc_2

Doctors: Bound By Secrecy? Victims Bound By Pain!

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