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June 2007

Begging For Help. Dying Anyway.

Edith Rodriguez's death, unfortunately, is an in your face testament to our country's lacking medical care system and the lame attitudes toward the ill and suffering. Edith was ignored while seeking HELP at a medical facility, Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital. It is appalling to read that she lay in the floor of a USA emergency room and begged for help, was ignored, while a nurse summoned a janitor to clean up the blood around her! News articles about Edith Rodriguez report that she was a prescription drug and meth addict, which seem to be reported as a means of justifying a medical system who failed her miserably. However, the coroner's report shows that she had no illicit drugs in her system when she made a return visit to the MLK facility on 04/21/07 with continuing stomach pain and vomiting. See: Coroner's Report

The coroner's report shows that Edith had extensive adhesions of the lower abdominal quadrant and that she died of a perforated bowel. The coroner's report reads like a classic American adhesion sufferer's story: presenting at the ER with abdominal pain, nausea, distention, tenderness of the abdomen. Treatment: Pain med's, CT scan, nothing wrong, sent home.

Though MLK is under fire, as they certainly should be, countless adhesions sufferers have lived the same nightmare in emergency rooms all across the US (though most do receive a bed to lie down in rather than being left on the hospital floor). As is chronicled in the book about our daughter and the nightmare she (we) lived, ER visits were all the norm for Melissa, yet she was often ignored or scoffed by medical personnel. More than once we turned around and went back home, believing God to stop the pain, as there was no help for her at the ER.

Until American citizens understand that stories like Edith's are not about a person's class, race, or poor choices in their personal life and come to realize that this is an example of a failing medical system AT LARGE, we will continue to read stories about people such as Edith. Until American citizens demand that the story be told in all its ugliness, without allowing medicine and media to derail the story with reports of prescription and illicit drug use, ALL Americans will continue to suffer.

A human being died due to medical negligence. A human being lay screaming in a hospital floor in the United States of America and she received NO help. That's the story in all its ugliness. And that, dear friends, should make us all quiver in our boots.



King Harbor

"Hmmmmmm" (Translation: I Dunno)

If you've ever suffered from adhesions or any "mysterious" illness, you can relate to this cartoon! (compliments of


Masking Symptoms and The Hysteria of Modern Medicine!


Cheers to Mike Adams for going where most men refuse to go! Not only does he delve into the topic of menstruation, he takes an ax to the pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, and to men who have perpetuated the idea of hysterectomy to countless women who most likely could have avoided a hysterectomy. Mike urges women to respect their bodies, the function of their bodies and to think for themselves! Food For Thought

Promises, Promises......


Promise little and do much. ~Hebrew Proverb

Promises are like babies: easy to make, hard to deliver.

A promise made is a debt unpaid. ~Robert Service

“It is rare that one can see in a little boy the promise of a man, but one can almost always see in a little girl the threat of a woman.” Alexandre Dumas Père

We must not promise what we ought not, lest we be called on to perform what we cannot. ~Abraham Lincoln

Never take a solemn oath. People think you mean it. ~Norman Douglas

Vote for the man who promises least; he'll be the least disappointing. ~Bernard M. Baruch

Surgery. Do You Know The Risks?

Were you informed about the risk of adhesions, prior to your surgical procedure? Staggering numbers of women report that they were not informed by their doctor prior to undergoing a surgical procedure. More information can be found here: Risk Of Adhesions


One Day, She Will Be A Woman.


Recently, a woman wrote to inform me of the HERS foundation. Before you have a hysterectomy, please peruse this valuable website. HERS: "No 'Til You Know"

Article In Business Week

Ribbon Interesting article in business week news. Click here: Business Week News


Thomas is growing up fast! (2 1/2 yrs. old). He had a ball at the river this past weekend....I just had to share the cute photo!

Adhesions. Bringing Light To The Darkness.

0978698207xjpg Here are excerpts from a few emails I've received:

"I didn't realize how many memories I had buried deep within the darkness of my soul until God shed his light within the pages of your book!!! There are so many things that I could relate tooo and still living with everyday!!! Like the revolving door of doctor's visits to Timbuck Two and back only to be turned away or better yet, made worse, the so called God hearing christians that make you feel like it is somehow your fault for adhesions, the entire family being affected in their own ways but still loving you unconditionally, the sometimes being so tired of it all you just want to give up But God sends you a golden nugget (like your book) to give you strength to endure another day and to let you know you are not the only one walking this dark difficult road !!!
Thank you so much for opening up your hearts and home to share with others how devastating this illness really is!!! I am so happy that there was a Rainbow at the end of your long journey & I Pray that your Rainbow will always remain bright!!! Love & God Bless You & Your Family

"Karen and Melissa, I'm so thankful you took us on this ARD journey. I have hope that one day my pain and problems will be resolved. I've walked in Melissa's shoes--always in pain, and never an answer. I understood her anger, as I have been so angry for years. I99854715_12482_2
Illness makes you crazy. One day you believe in God, the next day you don't! I like that you told it the way it really is! God knows anyways! Oh, how I relate! I cried for you both, just as I cry for myself. Bless you for trying to make this illness publicly known."

"Anyway, you did a wonderful job with your book! It is not just a mother's story about her daughter's disease, it is the work of a real author. Sometimes I was in tears and sometimes I had to chuckle about the Southern expressions, the "y'alls"I know and miss so much from living in _______. Once I read that there is a "y'all" and a "you guys" zone in the United States. My husband definitely comes from the "you guys" zone-he is from ____!!! Anyway, your book will always be among my favorites because it touched my heart and because I can relate to it so well."

And thanks to those who take the time to write! We link our hearts to yours!

Doctors: Bound By Secrecy? Victims Bound By Pain!

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