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Adhesion Related Disorder. The Blindfold Is Off....For Some, Anyway.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHow is it that countless US physicians, specialists and highly esteemed health centers are silent when it comes to ARD? Many seem to have no knowledge of adhesions, adhesion related disorder, or ARD, as they do NOT recognize the illness in their alphabetical list of diseases and conditions: See Mayo--We Dunno! John Hopkins: At America's Best 2007! I found endometriosis, which included the word "adhesions" within the text, but I did not find adhesions in and of itself as a disease or disorder. (If someone finds it listed, please let me know). However, I DID find someone who knows about adhesions, recognizes the illness and includes it in their alphabetical listing of diseases and disorders: We Know (After perusing their alphabetical list, I think I'll see if they have a doc on hand!) Seems rather strange, doesn't it?


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I was reading my medical records and they called in "Adhesion's Disease". They will not tell that to my face, but I have read it in my medical records.
So far my bowels are adhered together, prior to them taking out my uterus, my bladder was adhered to my uterus. RSD is another word they used, but that is Nerves; IBS; the list is continuing.
I will come back to this site to read more up what wrote.. Off I go to one of my many daily Naps.

Hi Bonnie,

You are one of many who end up finding the word "adhesions", "scar tissue", or "adhesion disease" within the text of her (his) medical records~most often in operative reports~yet the surgeon never made (verbal) mention of the word(s) post operatively.
Unfortunately, too many people never know they are actually suffering from ADHESIONS because the surgeon never makes mention of this medically hushed illness. And, on IBS~I would guess every adhesion sufferer has, at one time or another, been told they have IBS! Best to you, Karen

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Doctors: Bound By Secrecy? Victims Bound By Pain!

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