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January 2008

Adhesion Sufferers. Stuck In The Spin Cycle?

PhotobucketMan! Don't we just hate it when the washing machine decides to goof off? Rather than doing its job and washing a load of clothes, it spins out of control for hours on end. We turn the dial, hoping for agitation to begin, but it only spins. We set the dial again and watch as water rushes in. We cross our fingers. We know that the stains on the clothes are in need of scrubbing: we need agitation! But do we get it? Oh no. When your washer decides to rebel, it's always when the clothes are at their dirtiest...and piled to the ceiling. As I look in the washer and watch the spinning, I notice that the spin cycle works efficiently. In fact, it is so precise and quick that all the clothes become a blur. Lost in a tornado of activity, I know the clothes are in there, but I'll never be able to see them clearly again until the spinning action stops. Completely. Well, my washer has no intention of stopping. I leave the room-thinking if I ignore it-it will suddenly decide to behave, give up its truant ways, and get on with the job required. An hour later, I return, yet I don't even have to lift the lid, for I can tell by the hum of the machine that it is hell-bent on spinning. This is where any reasonable woman loses all patience. I yank open the lid, now thinking it will sense my presence and suddenly stand to attention, salute, and give up its foolish behavior. But, this is one stubborn machine. It spins, and spins, and spins...

"You know, there's nothing the doctors can do for me anymore," the woman said to me. "I exist on pain medications. After sixteen surgeries...well...I must have had 'stupid' written on my forehead. I would get a little relief each time I had surgery, so I always thought surgery was the answer....pain makes you reach out for some type of help. You're willing to try and try again. Of course, I had learned that each surgery causes more adhesions, but I didn't know that one day the doctors would refuse to help me. They...." I hear the tears surface and there is a long silence before she can speak again. "They never told me that. They took out everything they could. Now, I'm not sure if that made me better or worse. At the time, I thought it was the right move. You think if they take things out, it would have to help. I don't know. I still can't keep food down and I had that problem in the beginning." Curious as to what caused her problems, I ask. "I had a hysterectomy. The type where they go in through the belly. You know, the big cut. Then when I began getting sick the doctor said I had developed IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). It took a long time for me to learn that my problems were actually the result of that surgical procedure. And, how stupid can I be? I opted for more surgeries." 

The ARD sufferer is often left feeling stupid, ignorant, and without hope. However, a survey conducted by the NWHRC reveals that the typical ARD sufferer had no knowledge of the risk of developing adhesions prior to her surgical procedure. Adhesions Far from being stupid, the woman was not allowed the opportunity to weigh the benefit of surgery against the risk of developing a debilitating disorder. The woman in story above had no knowledge of adhesions or adhesion related disorder prior to her surgical procedure. She was an uninformed patient, stuck in the spin cycle of a medical world. Soon her on-going pain and problems became a blur and she finds herself dependent upon her doctor to help her out of her pain. Pain has caused her mind to become clouded; she is unable to see a clear picture because the spinning has only gained momentum....

Now, for the good news. We all know that when a washer is working properly, it does stop spinning. The spinning of the machine begins to slow and soon there is a screeching halt, the brakes are applied, so to speak, and the machine STOPS. If you've ever watched this process, you can see the clothes fall from the sides of the tub, in an "AHHHHH! Glad that's over!" fashion. No longer are they held to the sides of a demanding spin, unable to pull away from the centrifugal forces that kept them bound. For the ARD sufferer whose life has been spinning out of control there is hope and help. Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, a surgeon in Germany, Adhesions has been instrumental in helping countless ARD sufferers regain their lives. His knowledge against this illness is unparalleled. For my daughter, 14 years of medical spinning stopped when we set foot on German soil. In April, 2008, we will be celebrating Melissa's FIFTH year of freedom from the painful disorder of ARD, thanks to the brilliance of one surgeon, Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, and his boldness in pioneering a new method of adhesiolysis for the person who suffers from ARD. For more information about Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, see Adhesions 

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Birth, Birthdays, Blessings.....OH MY!

BLESSEDNothing like closing out the year with the birth of a new grandbaby! The Steward household has a new member; a beautiful baby girl! She was born December 28th, making her entrance into the world in an unexpected hurry!!! Thanks to the 3 special doctors who put their heads together and made all the right decisions for little Mazie Grace (and mom!)

Happy Birthday Glitter Happy Birthday to our youngest daughter, who turned 30 on December 29th. Happy Birthday GlitterHappy Birthday to our youngest son who turned 34 today, January 1.

And, A Big Happy New Year to all.

Doctors: Bound By Secrecy? Victims Bound By Pain!

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