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March 2008

Opting For Problems? Unnecessary C-Sections.

heartsMore women than ever are scheduling major abdominal surgery as a means by which to bring their newborn into the world. Though some doctors deny that the rise in elective C-sections are simply for the sake of convenience, others openly admit that their patients are "tired" of being pregnant and want the baby out or that the mother dreads the thought (fear) of labor and bypasses an anticipated painful moment by scheduling an unnecessary c-section. Though the risks of complications (present and future) and even death is higher for mother and baby when undergoing a c-section, c-section births continue to rise and have even become trendy among pregnant women. Many women, however, say it was their doctor who made the push for a surgical birth when it was medically unnecessary. The following are links that may be of help: Mother Friendly Childbirth Connection ICAN

Family of Annette Kehoe Needs Answers.

Condolences to the family of Annette Kehoe. Several people in the USA are watching this story. Many prayers for Anthony Aldous and other family members who need an answer to this sad story. When one reads the article, it seems as though certain people who are involved in this case are trying to slip out the back door.

How does the bowel become perforated? The doctors discovered the perforated bowel, but later in the article the coroner states that the cause of the perforation remains unexplained. The end of the article also states that the perforation was the underlying cause of many procedures, (more surgeries), treatments, and ultimately, death. In addition, the article states: "surgery was complicated by adhesions between the bowels."


Unfortunately, Annette had adhesions or had developed adhesions. At any rate, the bowel became perforated.........but, how? The key word in the article that just might lead to an answer is "routine." So called "routine" procedures are likely to be performed by any doctor or surgeon...which means that the patient may have surgery by a doctor or surgeon who has no experience with adhesiolysis procedures. Thus, the risk to perforate the bowel is higher than that of an adhesiolysis expert. Therefore, this case is an example--albeit an unfortunate example--of how important is is for an adhesiolysis to be performed by an adhesiolysis specialist in order to minimize such risk.

This is an unfortunate and tragic case which calls attention, once again, to the dilemma of adhesions and how important it is for an adhesion sufferer to have an expert surgeon who has mastered the tedious and risky surgery of adhesiolysis. In addition, this case typifies how important it is that even "routine" surgery be performed by a specialist.

Doctors: Bound By Secrecy? Victims Bound By Pain!

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