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April 2008

Where We're Going....Where We've Been....What We're Doing!

Photobucket In October, 2007, my daughter and I traveled to New York City for a seven day stay where we presented the book-Doctors: Bound By Secrecy? Victims: Bound By Pain! to media personnel in a 3-day intense, spirited, highly energetic, and quite noisy Penn Top Ballroom located in The Hotel Pennsylvania, downtown Manhattan. We stayed at the Affinia Hotel, just steps away from Hotel Pennsylvania. Our evenings were spent touring the city, catching the broadway show: Mama Mia! and meeting lots and lots of neat and interesting people, many of whom we have stayed in contact. We bought so much crap, er, um, good stuff, that I had to purchase extra luggage to get it all home. Let's just say the daughter went crazy......and as all girls, if you can't decide what to get, just get it all. 

Thank goodness we had lots of big burly men who always happened to "appear" and were eager to help us carry all the luggage. (It always helps if you have a young good-looking girl in tow, as men will fall all over themselves to cater to your every little need.) And, even at the airport when the baggage was OVER LIMIT the man who did the weigh in charged us half of what the scale said. (You gotta love New York!) 

Since our trip to New York City, many positive things have happened, and are still happening. Though I have not been interested in speaking engagements, I have now done it. No, I don't like it, (knew I wouldn't) but I am learning to do lots of things that I don't like. I have been booked for three radio interviews and more are in the works. Other things seem to be materializing but are still in the fuzzy stage at the current time. I have been overwhelmed at the goodness of so many people that I had the joy of meeting. Several shared their own stories of suffering in illness, being misdiagnosed, or were currently recovering from a major illness. 

Bottom line: Our trip proved to be a huge success, and a lifetime event that I will never forget. Though I shipped a large box of books to the Affinia prior to our flight, I give big thanks to my family back home: husband and daughter (and FedEx) who overnighted more books, not once, not twice, but three times... and son/employees who covered for me while I was away from my desk. (Actually they stacked all the paperwork/mail, but it was a neat stack!) 

We are also headed to market very soon! My daughters and I have been at the drawing board for months on end and what a surprise we have in store for shoppers! My good friend, Susie, has also been at the drawing board-literally-and we have laughed so hard day as she makes ready the great images (!!!) and I provide the text for those images. Well, we haven't even gotten the project ready and we have already had a company who is interested in buying. But, we're not selling....not yet, anyway. 

In my spare time, Thomas and Taylor, my 3-year old grandchildren, take me to Chuck E Cheese once a week where we play games for hours on end. Well, they know how bad I need out of the office and Gramps insists that I go with them! WOOOOO HOOOOO!

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Doctors: Bound By Secrecy? Victims Bound By Pain!

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