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Pay No Mind.....



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After reading Karen Steward's book about Ahesions, I booked her on my radio show for not only her knowledge about this insidious disease but about it's happy ending that resulted after her 14-year struggle with her daughter ensued because of the doctor's mishandling of the case. I endured a similar case only we sued and won after my son was hospitalized and was molested by a doctor and seduced by his in-hospital teacher. Furthermore, he was, as others were mistreated by the hospital staff. So how come there's this conspiracy on the part of the doctor's and the medical personnel to keep quiet, while abusing patients, misdiagosing and supporting the use of drugs without careful monitoring? It should come as no surprise that people are dying in hospitals, dying being over-medicated and, staff infections and more. The medical community needs to be held accountable for their greed and their mistakes. And though there are plenty of great doctors out there, the FDA and the pharmecutical companies are just too interested in making money. It's obscene. Karen Steward needs to be applauded and encouraged to bring her story to the masses who remain in awe of their doctors. Don't let her be muzzled by a conspiratorial self-serving interests. I personally refer people to Germany for treatment because that is just one country making the US look lame. Same with India. Wake up America. This mother has her act together and let's hope she takes it on the road before more of our children are lost to the system. Her book should be on every consumer's shelf. It's a story that needs to be told and a wake-up call to all parents who think doctors are always right. Just ask Dennis Quaid or Kay Granger how right their doctors were or ask my son. Though he was offered a lot of money for the screen play, it was too painful for him to relive that experience while his doctors continue making a living inflicting more pain onto other young people. Wake up America! We're not dealing with Gods!

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