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May 2008


Photobucket*Adhesions were first documented in 1872.....yes, 1872.....when Thomas Bryant reported a fatality due to adhesion-related bowel obstruction after gynecologic surgery. The SepraFilm website informs the reader: Over the next 130 years, adhesions have maintained prominence in the medical literature, both as a study topic and as a factor influencing various treatments and outcomes. Health care providers often consider only a few of the ways adhesions impact surgery and patient care. Adhesions 

Though adhesions may have maintained prominence in medical literature as a study topic and a factor that influences various treatments and outcomes, adhesions have, for the most part, remained dormant to the public at large. In other words, doctors may be studying, but they ain't talking! So, when a person is suffering from this dreaded disorder, it is the last thing on the list that a doctor will mention as a plausible cause of the pain and problems within the body. Of course, this sends the American sufferer roaming the beautiful USA in search of a doctor who gives a big rat's whisker about their condition. 

Well, lo and behold, our daughter beame ill at age 13. We were told she had Crohn's disease. When we challenged that diagnosis, some of the best doc's we "visited" then said she had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). When we balked at that idea, they threw out the possibility of spastic colon, lupus, etc., and then finally labeled her a hypochondriac and/or "depressed." What they didn't do was help her, nor did a single one of them ever say the dreaded word 'adhesions.' But, we did not give up. It only took us 14 years to uncover the TRUTH behind her illness: adhesions! 

Today Melissa is well, is married, has two children and is currently busy starting a new business. Her newfound health was not easily attained. Two surgeries in the USA (performed by different surgeons) left her in worse condition than she was prior to surgery. Since surgery is the #1 cause of adhesions, a catch 22 dilemma occurs. Yes, surgery is both cause and treatment of this dreaded disorder. The third surgery (third time's the charm!) was the key to Melissa regaining her life and her health. 

And, when truth is revealed, there will always be someone who will be busy trying to hide that truth, cover it over....make it into a lie. After all, Thomas Bryant knew there was an illness called adhesions in 1872, yet since that surgery caused the death of a woman.....hmmmmm...well we'll just document that one and use it for study purposes. *Bryant T. Clinical lectures on intestinal obstruction. Med Tim Gaz 1872;1:363-5.

Pycnogenol...Much Easier To Pronounce: Pine Bark. Help For Endometriosis Sufferers?

Pycnogenol is the registered trade mark name of an extract that is made from the bark of the Maritime Pine that grows on the soutwest coast of France. Pine_tree_med A clinical study conducted at Kanazawa University School Of Medicine in Ishikawa Japan revealed that pycnogenol significantly reduced symptoms of endometriosis by 33 percent. Pine Bark Study Dr. Fred Pescatore, a former Dallas Texas internist who founded Partners in Integrative Medicine , which combines alternative medicine with traditional medicine, was quoted in a Ft. Worth Star Telegram interview by Carolyn Poirot: "I've been studying pycnogenol for five to seven years, and long before my time, it was proven beyond the shadow of a doubt-in probably 200 studies-to work as an antioxidant. It increases the capillary flow, the blood supply needed for healing wounds. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties." PIIMDOCS The Kanazawa study showed that the women suffering from endometriosis who were treated with pycnogenol showed a slow but steady reduction of symptom scores from severe to moderate. Pycnogenol is worth review. It is available in most health food stores.

Do You C-Greed? Medical Malpractice Insurance...Driving Force For Increased C-Sections?

Life The following article in the Washington Post suggests that doctors may be practicing more defensive medicine. But before you get excited, thinking that defense is in the interest of the patient, think again, as this article states: "maybe doctors are fearful of litigation." C-section Could it be that many doctors who insist that a C-section is the preferred choice of delivery are simply watching out for their own best interests while placing an unsuspecting woman (and her unborn child) in harm's way? Did you know that C-sections performed in the United States as an elective procedure are up 31%? C-section More and more women (or their doctors) are scheduling the unborn's birth via planned SURGERY! Yikes! C-section births have even become the "trendy" thing to do, with many of these moms-to-be totally unaware of the risks that surround this surgery, as well as being unaware of the risk of developing a debilitating illness know as Adhesion Related Disorder (ARD). 

A c-section delivery should only be performed when the life of the baby or mother, or both, are at risk. 

A c-section procedure IS major abdominal surgery. 

Women should carefully weigh the benefit of this surgery against the risks that can develop both during surgery, as well as after surgery. Outside of other risks (even the risk of death) from c-section delivery, adhesions will form as the body's natural response to the surgical incision. For some of these women, the adhesions will become a problematic condition known as ARD, adhesion related disorder, which is an illness that is often hushed among the medical community. 

Adhesions are foremost known among physicians to be an iatrogenic disorder, meaning caused by the physician or by the medical treatment (or both), thus explaining the silence which surrounds this disorder. The majority of the public is unaware of adhesion related disorder. 93% of people who undergo major abdominal or pelvic surgery will develop adhesions with 53% of these people developing further (later) complications due to adhesion formation from the surgery itself. 

ARD can become a life-altering, disabling disorder which leaves the sufferer in pain and in search of an answer to her pain. Since surgery is the #1 cause of this disorder, a catch-22 situation develops. Doctors (surgeons) know that surgery for adhesions only creates more adhesions, yet surgery is the current resolution for this disorder. Adhesions can be likened to pulling weeds: once you think the problem is gone, they have developed again. 

The adhesion sufferer can find herself on a medical merry-go-round, enduring surgery after surgery in the quest for relief, with each surgery only proving to set her up for further complications. Before submitting to a surgical procedure, do your homework. Ask your doctor about the risk of developing adhesions. Ask your doctor what preventative measures will be taken to lessen the likelihood of developing adhesions. Your life, your future, is in your hands.

C-Sections. More USA Women Are Speaking Out.

Photobucket C-sections as an elective procedure continue to rise in the USA. More American women are speaking out, as in this article written by Rhonda Arthur. (See link below). Rhonda unveils a wealth of information for the unsuspecting mommy-to-be and is to be commended for her efforts to raise awareness about the risks that are involved when a c-section is simply (medically) unnecessary. The article ends with a statistical factor in regards to the death rate of American women compared to~gulp~(did she really say it?) European women. C-Section

Celebrate! New Printings Are In Production!


Deep In The Thicket, Beauty Abounds.

Notascavenger See the bird in this image? Okay, so it's not the greatest photo ever taken, but I was using an iphone, so you must bear with me. Okay, now look again: see the bird in this image!?! Yes, there he is! Is he not great or what? My husband and I decided to take some days off and tour the beautiful state of Colorado. At this particular, seemingly secluded spot, we stopped to enjoy the panoramic vista that begged our attention. Suddenly, to the side of me, I heard rustling. Now, notice the thicket at the left hand side of the photo? Well, to my delight this gorgeous bird was perched deep inside that thicket, staring at us, then turning his head in curious wonder across the vista, as if he couldn't decide what or who held us spellbound. My breath was taken away by the magnificent beauty of this creature. (Okay, trust me on this one, the picture does not do him justice.) As if on cue, he sensed my delight, thrust out his chest and ruffled his feathers, turning around in the thicket as if he hoped to divert our delighted "oooh's and ahhh's" from the ho-hum mountains and valleys to the stunning beauty that he knew he was. Well, he sold me. "Oh my gosh!" I squealed (quietly) to my husband, "look at that magnificent bird! Oh, he is gorgeous!" My husband, craning his neck to see, answered, "Where?" "In that thicket! See that deep blue bird? Right there!" I whispered.

"Oh, yeah....hmmm....yep, I see him," he answered, as he turned back to the mountains which forever call his name, "yep, pretty bird," he muttered. "Let me have the camera," I begged, "maybe I can get his picture." "Okay, wait a minute......" he answered, as he continued snapping away at mountains that will stand STILL throughout eternity. 

Watching the bird dance around in the thicket, I knew he would soon be gone. Sure enough, he quickly disappeared so deeply into the thicket that not even a hint of his blue glory could be seen. My husband barely grunted when I lamented that I didn't get a photo. As we climbed back into the car, I picked up my husband's iphone to check for messages. "Look, there's your bird," my husband stated as he started the car. The bird had made his way out of the thicket once again, standing on one of the outer limbs staring directly at us, as if he knew it would make my day if he came out to wish us farewell. For some reason, I grabbed a package of half-eaten cashews, rolled down the window and tossed a couple on the ground, close to where our car was parked. Without hesitation the bird immediately flew from the thicket, looked up at me in gratitude and squawked several times (thank 'ya ma'am!) before he began devouring the treat. The bird now had my husband's attention. 

"Did that bird just land right next to your door to eat the cashews you tossed?" "Yes! He's so close I think I could reach out and touch him!" I threw the beauty another cashew and he squawked again: "thank you, ma'am".....a total gentleman....before devouring the gift. 

"He's a scavenger," my husband snapped. "Just a stinking little scavenger! But, he did thank you, as you said. I'll give him credit for that." 

My husband began driving away as I was still trying to toss broken cashews and capture a picture (with the iphone, no less). 

"He is a beauty," my husband said as he took one last glance. "Scavenger or not....he's a beauty." 

This little bird made my day. Hidden in the thicket of life, many times the places that we don't want to go, there is beauty to be found. And whether that beauty turns out to be a grateful and gracious little creature or just a smart little scavenger, that little bird reassured me that even in the deepest places, the places that cause us pain and discomfort, there is beauty hidden that will one day step out to the farthest limb......and then, even into our lap, just because it is time to be recognized.

Doctors: Bound By Secrecy? Victims Bound By Pain!

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