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September is ARD Awareness Month

September is here! With it comes the opportunity for you to do your part in promoting ARD awareness. We continue to offer free ARD awareness pins. All you need to do is send a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) to: 
ARD Awareness
 PO Box 787 
                                         Weatherford, Texas                                        


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In 2001, I suffered a gunshot wound in my right thigh. Ever since then, I have battled scar tissue binding my leg and rendering the leg near useless. After years of physical therapy, exercise, acupuncture, and osteopaths, my leg is functional, but it is a constant chore to keep it that way. I am in pain most of the time. I cannot imagine the pain if this had happened to my internal organs.

Keep up the educational front,

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Doctors: Bound By Secrecy? Victims Bound By Pain!

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